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What would I find at the deepest darkest depths of Marianas Web

The Tao of Questy - Sun, 04/08/2018 - 21:48

I am often asked what are some of the illegal or immoral websites you can find on the mysterious and mythical part of the internet known as the dark web.  The mysterious dark web, sometimes called the dark net, is the fuel for spy movies. it helped to create WikiLeaks run by the super spy Julian Assange and it allows cyber snitches like Edward Snowden share secret information.

According to internet myths and legends, the deepest darkest depths of the internet is called Marianas Web. People are anxious to know how to find what is hiding beneath the surface in the dark web, especially in the most mysterious places. So I pondered, what if I visited Marianas Web, what would I find there?

I found instructions on finding Marianas Web from the dark web site of the Puppet Masters of Babylon. According to the Cult of Tesla, the Puppet Masters of Babylon know the truth about many mysteries.

Following the instructions, I installed my Quantum Woo Browser and connected my virtual reality goggles. I entered the IP address and login credentials I obtained from the Puppet Masters of Babylon.

I was feeling kinda seasick as room began to spin when the view came into focus. I met the ghost of Einstein and he explained to me the basics of polymeric falcighol derivation, and acknowledged that he really thought Tesla was crazy, and people shouldn't believe what they read on the internet.

I managed to get a screen shot you see below, before my nose started to bleed and I passed out.

When I woke up my virtual reality goggles were dead, and my computer display was dark.

I often wonder, had I visited the depths of Marianas Web in what I saw that night?

Perhaps it was real, or maybe an illusion, you can decide which is right.


I believe that Marianas Web is just a myth, but I am in search of the truth.

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