Wishful thinking that an NHL season still possible

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While December 21, 2012 did not bring about the end of the world, it also did not bring about the end of the NHL lockout.  As the new year starts there is still hope that an NHL season is possible with both sides once again talking.

While an exact date is not on any calendar, the end is near for any possible NHL season. If the NHL lockout is not resolved by early January it is very likely that the entire 2012-2013 season would be lost.

If both sides could come to terms in the next few weeks a 48 game season is likely. That is the number of games played in the 1994-1995 lockout, and most people agree that anything less is not enough to represent a true season.

Keep in mind that for the NHL most fans realize that with more the half of the teams making the playoffs, the "regular season" is nothing more than a way to weed out the terrible teams and set up the playoff seedings.

As the deadline for the season closes in on us, the odds are that somehow both sides will come to some compromise to save the season.

Why are performance enhancing drugs illegal?

Should performance enhancing drugs be accepted in sports?

As a society we have an obligation to maintain public safety.

In our lifetime we often make decisions where we must identify risks and assess risks. If something has the potential to cause you harm, you should be aware of the risks.

If an athlete is clearly made aware of the risks, should they have the right to use substances created in the laboratory to enhance their performance?

But that's not fair!

As a society do we have an obligation to maintain fairness? Isn't science and technology already creating a competitive edge for those who can afford it?

What about the athletes that have armies of scientists, nutritionists, coaches, and physical therapists choreographing their every move?

Sports medicine has progressed so much in recent years, but does every athlete have the same access to these advancements?

Does a third world athlete have access to the same nutritionists, the same scientists, as someone from a more developed nation?

What about the families that mortgage their future, put their lives in hock to give their child athletes access to world class trainers who are known for developing world class athletes?

Is it fair?  Do you care that it is fair?

NFL officials lockout resolved by social media?

Football officials voting on a call
Just days after social media outlets went wild over a controversial call on the final play of Monday Night Football, the league resolved their issues with NFL officials.

Many players were defiant in their remarks both in interviews as well as on social media outlets such as Twitter openly blasting the replacement officials. In the days that followed Monday's Packers versus Seahawks game players and fans alike complained on Twitter. NFL commissioner Goodell’s office was flooded with angry voicemails.

It would appear that the public pressure on social media was a catalyst to resolve the issue as the NFL and the referees union worked swiftly to get a deal done during the week and had all their issues resolved before the next NFL game on Thursday.

In his statement to the fan's released on Friday Roger Goodell stated: "... I regret we were not able to secure an agreement sooner in the process and avoid the unfortunate distractions to the game. You deserve better."


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