When athletes become our heroes

SupermanMany professional athletes make millions of dollars a year, more money than the average American can ever hope to make.

Some are pompous idiots who make way too much money, and thumb their noses to the folks like you and me that pay their salary.  They rise to the top of their profession being pampered and ride the wave of self entitlement.

The media loves to create heroes, and then break them down.

Thousands of athletes commit crimes that go under the radar. Then there are the scandals about athletes that the  media covers to the point of hysteria and never let us forget.

We hear how these folks are cheating on their spouses, getting high and hooked on pain killers and booze, or doing something else stupid or illegal.

Sometimes we are quick to criticize athletes when they commit a crime. Sometimes we unfairly judge the crime in the media before the person has a chance to be judged in our courts. 

The amount of news that is reported, or in some cases not reported, help to create the case for not only the heroes, but the villains as well.

Has the media spent as much time researching the issues with health care reform as it has researching the whatever actor or athlete is in some sort to rehab?

When people know more about athletes and actors then they do scientists and statesmen, what does that say about the world we live in?

What does it say about a society, when actors and athletes get paid way more than statesmen and scientists?

While many athletes go on to achieve much in their second career, as an athlete they are not lawmakers, they are not business managers, they are not science innovators. Their product is only entertainment.

Do we lose sight of the fact that athletes are merely entertainers?

We're here to put it all into perspective.