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Passing the footballA sports fan is someone who is devoted to a particular sports team or in some cases a particular athelete.  Fan, from the word fanatic, means an excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.

There was a time when conventional wisdom said that politics and religion were the two topics to stay away from if you did not want to risk starting an argument.  Folks used to be passionate about politics and religion and had strong opinions on both topics.

Perhaps a sad commentary about our world today, but folks seem to be more and more indifferent about politics and religion, and the most passionate about their sports teams. The quickest way to start a fight or damage a friendship is to harass a friend the morning after their favorite sports team has lost.

Put it all into perspective..

Being a fan is not necessarily a bad thing.  You can still have your heros, and be passionate about your favorite teams, just keep it all into perspective.  

Sports is a big business, and its purpose is to entertain us. Athletes, like actors, are professional entertainers.  Star trek fans wear the colors of their movies heros, but you don't often hear of a Star Wars fan beating the crap out of a Star Trek fan for wearing the colors of Mr. Spock.

This website is not about stats and standings. We don't care who is winning or losing. We don't care about stats.  We take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly side of sports.

It's only sports.